HP A and Dexp Smartbox – smart assistants with Alice

Irbis A и Dexp Smartbox – умные помощники с Алисой

The company «Yandex» held a press-conference dedicated to the announcement of the updates of search engine and two domestic assistants with voice assistant «Alice». They are called HP A and Dexp Smartbox.

Today announced devices can be connected to the speaker system via Bluetooth (in the case of Dexp Smartbox) and via cable (HP A). The devices require connecting to the mains.

They can be used to set the alarm, select music, and to learn about the weather and traffic jams on the road. In addition, the intelligent assistants are able to tell children stories, answer questions and read the news.

The official price Here Dexp and A Smartbox is 3290 rubles. The date is not specified. When buying new products, users receive as a gift a 6 month subscription «Yandex.Plus», which includes unlimited access to «Yandex.Music» and advanced in the other services of the company.


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