How to turn your iPad into a display for Mac mini?

The developers of the device Luna Display, which turns iPad into a second wireless monitor for Mac computers, has created an unusual «bunch» of devices, in which the new iPad Pro 12.9″ serves as the primary display for the updated Mac mini.

In the blog of the creators of a combination report that they are looking for ways to use opportunities throughout the Apple ecosystem. These searches and spodvignulo enthusiasts on such a combination.

Как превратить iPad в дисплей для Mac mini?0

Как превратить iPad в дисплей для Mac mini?1

Как превратить iPad в дисплей для Mac mini?2

Как превратить iPad в дисплей для Mac mini?3

In the shown Assembly to the Mac mini connect the keyboard, mouse, and Luna Display, a picture on the iPad through Wi-Fi. For iPad features the signature free application, without which translation is not possible.

Keyboard and mouse is unnecessary because the interface to macOS can be controlled through touch screen iPad Apple pen or Pencil.

Luna Dipslay sold in brand online store for $ 80 (~5 300 RUB). Proposed two modifications of the device: interface Type-C or Mini DisplayPort.


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