Google Allo all: messenger will close in 2019

Google Allo всё: мессенджер закроется в 2019 году

Google has published the entry in the corporate blog about the future of the system of the messengers of the Corporation. So, Google Allo will be closed in March 2019.

The company said that in the beginning of this year, the development of Allo was suspended, and some of the functions, including the web version, «smart answers» and GIF support was transferred to the «Android» Message. In the end, Google wants to focus on «Messages». For those wishing to export your message history in Allo this guide.

Google Allo всё: мессенджер закроется в 2019 году1

As for the leaks about the imminent closure of Hangouts, Google partially confirmed it: the service will replace the Hangouts app Hangouts Chat and Meet, previously designed for corporate users. In the future they will be available to all.

Line of service for the messages will look like this: «Android Messaging» for SMS and RCS, Google Duo for video calls and Hangouts to Hangouts Chat and Meet for text communication and conferences.

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