Folding ZTE Axon M is coming to Russia

Складной ZTE Axon M приходит в Россию

The company ZTE announced the start of pre-order in Russia at its most futuristic smartphone Axon M. it has two screens and folding body.

Each display is made by technology IPS, has a FullHD resolution and a diagonal 5.2 inches. In the unfolded state obtained a single panel c diagonal 6.75 inches.

Behind the operation is Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Pro and 4 GB of RAM. Out of the box the device is operated by Android operating system 7.1.2 Nougat.

In the lower panel software included key «M» that is responsible for switching operating modes of the screens. They can show the identical image that is suitable for presenting content to a large group of people to work independently from each other or become a single large display

Складной ZTE Axon M приходит в Россию1

Складной ZTE Axon M приходит в Россию2

Складной ZTE Axon M приходит в Россию3

You can also collapse an additional screen back and use the device as a regular phone.

The pre-order became available on the official website of ZTE, as well as in shops «Euroset» and «Svyaznoy». The recommended retail price of 39 990 rubles.


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