A short film about love-in assistant «Yandex.Alice»

Director Vasilisa Kuzmin, producer Timur Bekmambetov Bazelevs film company and directed a short Comedy about the driver «Yandex.Taxi» in love with a voice assistant Alice. The main roles were played by Michael Gavasheli and Alexander Revenko.

Alisa — tender and at the same time, full of black humor Comedy Vasilisa Kuzmina in the genre of screenlife. The selected format is not only ideal plot for the drama, but also allows the author to «hide» lots of surprises to appreciate all the details, a short film worth seeing twice.

In the film, Alice is voiced by voice actor Tatyana Shitova she gave voice and the present assistant of «Yandex».

The project was launched in Medialaboratorii «Yandex.Taxi». Medialaboratorii already have a few experiments in the field of cinema, created by different Directors.

Previously, «Yandex» has announced the upgrading of vehicle platforms. Now it automatically detects the driver and fills in the account information yourself.


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