«Yandex.Taxi» has canceled a pending service order a car in Moscow

«Яндекс.Такси» отменил услугу отложенной подачи машины в Москве

In «Yandex.Taxi» decided to cancel the deferred delivery of the car due to new Parking regulations in Moscow.

Now the users of the service in the capital can book a taxi just for the near future, which will be from three to five minutes depending on the chosen tariff. In other regions the service pending the submission of the car survived.

Now the car became dozens of times more, and the average waiting time of cars in Moscow is only 3 to 5 minutes, even when the demand for taxis is high.

According to «Yandex.Taxi», this innovation will not affect the quality of service.

In turn, the representative of the aggregator taxi «Citymobil» reported that deferral feature of machine flow, the company will not refuse because she is different from those in «Yandex.Taxi».

Rules for the use of paid Parking lots, under which drivers can Park for free for no more than five minutes, will come into force in Moscow on December 15.


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