The first details about the third season of «strange Affairs»

Streaming service Netflix has published a teaser trailer of the third season of «Very strange things».

In the video announced the names of all eight episodes of the season:

  1. Suzie, Do You Copy? («Susie, can you hear me?»)
  2. The Mall Rats («Rats»trade center)
  3. The Case of Missing Lifeguard («the case of the missing bodyguard»)
  4. The Sauna Test («Test Sauna»)
  5. The Source («Source»)
  6. The Birthday («birthday»)
  7. The Bite («Bite»)
  8. The Battle of Starcourt («Battle for Starchart»)

Also from the teaser it is clear that the action of the story will unfold in 1985. In July, actor David harbour, who plays the Sheriff hopper, called the third season of «uncharted territory».

The release of the popular series is expected in the summer of 2019.

The events of the third season was recently announced mobile game, which will be released next year on Android and iOS.


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