Kit Harington met with the dragon on the casting of «Game of thrones»

In the Internet appeared the video with the comic casting of British actor kit Harington for the role of Jon snow in the TV series «Game of Thrones». He was joined by the dragon Toothless from the animated film «How to train your dragon».

The dragon does not give the actor to play scenes of his character. He mimics the actor, chews wires, and jokes aside. All the attention on the court is Toothless, and not to the main star.

In the video listed 2010, which refers to the beginning of the careers of kit Harington. But really the whole movie is a part of the advertising campaign of the cartoon «How to train your dragon 3», which will be released in the Russian hire on February 21, 2019.

The premiere of the final season of the popular series «Game of thrones» will be held in April next year.


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