Added YouTube Music charts popular songs

YouTube Music добавил чарты популярных песен

App YouTube Music announced the appearance of the charts in your service.

So, users will be able to listen to the «Top 100 songs of Russia» or watch «Top 100 music videos of the world.» These playlists cannot be edited, but you can add yourself. It is expected that all charts will be updated once a week.

In addition, the application can know the position of a certain song on the charts. If the track a week later will become less popular, YouTube Music will show its history in the ranking and the places he occupied before.

At the moment first place is the song of SEREBRO «Friday», followed by «Lightning» Dima Bilan and «thank u, next» Ariana Grande.

The update will be gradually available for all users. The service is free, additional features will cost 169 rubles a month. YouTube Music is available in the web version and mobile apps.


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