Updates apps of the week. 10-16 Aug

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа

Talk about the release of function Bedtime («sleep») in Google «Hour» for all devices, the advent of the Telegram the long-awaited video calls, as well as new features in Vivaldi browser.

«Google Watch» 6.3.1 for Android

Feature that first appeared on the series smartphones Google Pixel finally got to the rest of the devices — Bedtime («sleep Mode»). In the Clock app on smartphones with Android 6.0+ should appear in the corresponding tab.

Section helps to control the bedtimes and waking up. It is possible to configure when the user usually goes to sleep and what time he needs to get out of bed. If you want to «Watch» will notify about the imminent bedtime, shut off the notification sound, and also places the smartphone display in black and white mode.

Morning run for the alarm clock, gradually increases the brightness of the screen for 15 minutes before the alarm, and perform the morning programme of action «Google Assistant» (read the news, talk about the weather or traffic jams).

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа1

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа2

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа3

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа4

The section «Audio for sleep» you can choose a soothing tune that is activated at a chosen time: it is expected that this will help you sleep. And if you connect «Google Calendar», it will display the card of events for the next day.

In a separate window tabs «sleep Mode» available activity during the selected period for sleeping: you can see how much the user was in bed, and how to use your smartphone. You need to give appropriate permissions.

Download: Google Play / APKMirror

7.0 Telegram for iOS and macOS

Despite the «round» release, the innovations in the update nothing at all. But the main thing — video calls — many were waiting for. Instant messenger users can communicate via a secure endpoint encryption video communication is only one-on-one, but will be soon and group calls.

Icon to call the source is located next to the button to initiate audioregular, in user profiles. The interface allows switching between cameras smartphone, mute, or images.

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа5

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа6

The user can switch between voice call and video call during the conversation and to write in the chat without ending a call — the call can be rolled into a floating window.

And the second innovation is advanced Pak animated Emoji. As before, their movement is activated, if an Emoji is sent in a separate message.

Download: Google Play / APKMirror / App Store

Vivaldi 3.2 for Android

Browser Vivaldi produced originally from Opera, supplemented by several new features.

Including ad blocking and shadowing: you can connect a public filtering lists or create your own. Quickly switch settings to the viewing site via a shield icon in the address bar.

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа7

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа8

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа9

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа10

Апдейты приложений недели. 10-16 августа11

There are changes and the point of view of convenience: button to switch between public and private, as well as recently closed tabs moved to the bottom of the interface.

Download: Google Play / APKMirror

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Russians will have a possibility to replenish card at the box office stores

У россиян появится возможность пополнять карты на кассах магазинов

The Central Bank thinks about the implementation of the system, which will allow the Russians to top up in cash at the cash desks of shops. This was stated by the head of service on protection of consumers ‘ rights and ensuring financial inclusion of the Central Bank Mikhail Mamuta.

According to Mamut, this service will be extremely popular among the people. In addition, the introduction of the service will increase the availability of financial services in remote and sparsely populated areas where it is difficult to find ATMs.

The first pilot project for the replenishment of Bank cards in retail outlets launch «PSB» in the coming months. The launch of such a system also consider «AK bars Bank», «the House.Russia» Crimean RNCB and Visa. It is assumed that for depositing money on the card the citizen will have to make a purchase.

In 2019 «Sberbank» has introduced the service of cash withdrawals in cash desks of shops — when paying for purchases in cash at the checkout, you must specify the desired withdrawal amount, and then enter the password on the POS terminal.

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Concept Pixel Google Watch: minimalism and «Assistant»

Концепт Google Pixel Watch: минимализм и «Ассистент»

Product designer James Tsai has released the concept of smart watches Google Pixel Watch. According to the author, he was inspired by the existing series of devices Made by Google.

Cai presented the design more minimalistic device with round and always on display. At the forefront of smart assistant «Google now», but supported all other features recently updated operating system Wear OS.

Концепт Google Pixel Watch: минимализм и «Ассистент»1

Концепт Google Pixel Watch: минимализм и «Ассистент»2

Концепт Google Pixel Watch: минимализм и «Ассистент»3

There are three colors: Milk White, Sweet Papaya and Boba Black, each dial corresponding shade. The strap is removable.

Rumors about the development of smart watches from Google go the last few years. Reliable information about the imminent release of such a product.

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What would happen if the controllers from the PS4 to cook in the oven

Что будет, если контроллеры от PS4 приготовить в духовке

One Twitter user shared a photo of a pair of «cooked» in the oven controller Dualshock 4.

According to the user, he hid gamepads from his son that he went to sleep. However, his wife did not know and in the morning turn the oven — pair Dualshock 4 is melted under high temperature.

Repost the entry made Twitter British representative Sony, urging users «don’t cook your PS4 controllers, as they are not the cake.»

Previously, The Game Awards founder Geoff Keele told about his impressions about DualSense — controller for the PlayStation 5. The controller will be slightly heavier than DualShock 4 and you’ll get new chips.

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Infographics the size and payload of the rockets of the NASA’s program «Artemis»

Инфографика габаритов и полезной нагрузки ракет-носителей программы NASA «Артемида»

Industrial designer Ken Kirtland has published in his Twitter infographic, which shows the dimensions and the payload for different launch vehicles — some of them will become participants of the program of NASA «Artemis» return to the moon.

In the picture you can see four of the launch vehicle NASA — two of them are leaders in the dimensions and payload. There’s also a Starship and the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX, Elon musk, New Glenn from Blue Origin Jeff Bezos and the Vulcan from United Launch Alliance.

Инфографика габаритов и полезной нагрузки ракет-носителей программы NASA «Артемида»1

Инфографика габаритов и полезной нагрузки ракет-носителей программы NASA «Артемида»2

In addition to NASA and private companies, in the program «Artemis» attended the European space Agency ESA, Japan, Canada and Australia. The main goal of the program is to send men to the moon, including the first women.

In addition, Artemis should be the first step towards the establishment of a permanently inhabited settlement on the moon. First flight with a crew is scheduled for 2022-2023 years — it will be a flyby of the moon on the trajectory of the return, the crew of four astronauts.

In 2024, to be held flight with landing on Earth’s satellite. The fourth phase of the mission is scheduled for 2025-2028 years, then the moon must receive a fixed base, designed for 15 years of operation.

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Live Wallpaper from Google Pixel 4a ported to most smartphones

«Живые» обои из Google Pixel 4a портировали на большинство смартфонов

Budget smartphone Google Pixel 4a comes with a unique «live» screensaver Eclipse: blue or purple tint disappears from the screen the lower the battery level of the smartphone. Now this Wallpaper is ported to most modern Android smartphones.

The developer Pranav Pandey made two versions of the app you want to set up Eclipse for smartphones with Android 7.0+ and 8.1+. On the idea of Google filling Wallpaper shade changes depending on the UI theme, but since the APIs only appeared in Android 8.1, Pandey has created a special-cut definition of design. For Android version 8.1+ has full functionality.

«Живые» обои из Google Pixel 4a портировали на большинство смартфонов1
Eclipse (dark theme)
«Живые» обои из Google Pixel 4a портировали на большинство смартфонов2
Eclipse (light theme)
«Живые» обои из Google Pixel 4a портировали на большинство смартфонов3
Pulley (light theme)
«Живые» обои из Google Pixel 4a портировали на большинство смартфонов4
Eclipse (dark theme)

After you install the APK file, live Wallpaper will appear in the list of Wallpapers in the smartphone application responsible for the installation (for example, Google Wallpapers).

Pandey also found that Google is working on other live Wallpaper called Pulley. They are not implemented to the end, but the developer has extracted still images.

Links to download all the files:

  • Eclipse (Android 7.0+)
  • Eclipse (Android And 8.1+)
  • Pulley

Google Pixel 4a are available in a single configuration from 5.81-inch OLED display, 8-core Snapdragon processor 730, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, the main camera is 12.2 MP and the battery 3140 mAh battery with support for fast charging (18 watts).

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Up to 50% discount in the online store on AliExpress Huawei

Скидки до 50% в интернет-магазине Huawei на AliExpress

Huawei from 15 to 18 August carries out the action «back to school». In the online store on AliExpress you can save up to 50% on the purchase of smartphones, laptops and wearable gadgets.

A selection of interesting offers from store Huawei:

  • Huawei P40 Lite (6+128GB)— 14 399 rubles on the promo code MATE1600 (instead of 19 999 rubles)
  • Huawei P40 Lite E (NFC version) — 9899 rubles on the promo code MATE1100 (instead of 12 999 rubles)
  • Huawei P40 Pro (8+256 GB) — 50 399 rubles on the promo code MATE5600 (instead of 69 999 rubles)
  • Huawei P40 (8+128 GB) — 32 399 rubles on the promo code MATE3600 (instead of 49 990 rubles)
  • Huawei P30 Pro (8+256 GB) — 43 990 rubles on the promo code MATE4400 (is 59 990 rubles)
  • Huawei P30 (6+128GB) — 26 990 rubles on the promo code MATE3000 (instead of 39 990 rubles)
  • Huawei P30 lite (4+128 GB) — 12 590 rubles on the promo code MATE1400 (instead of 17 990 rubles)
  • Huawei MatePad (wifi+64GB) — 17 090 rubles on the promo code MATE1900 (instead of 21 990 rubles)
  • Huawei Matebook D 14 (8 + 256 GB SSD) — 34 790 rubles on the promo code MATE4000 (is 44 990 rubles)
  • Huawei Matebook D 15 R7 (8+512 GB SSD) — 44 990 rubles on the promo code LAPTOP5000 (instead of 54 990 rubles)
  • Huawei Watch 2 GT — 8990 rubles on the promo code MATE1000 (instead of 14 990 rubles)
  • Huawei Watch GT — 5895 rubles on the promo code MATE600 (instead of 12 990 rubles)
  • Huawei Freebuds 3i — 5390 rubles on the promo code MATE600 (instead of 8990 rubles)
  • Huawei Freebuds 3 — 8090 roubles for the promotional code MATE900 (instead of 10 990 rubles)

Скидки до 50% в интернет-магазине Huawei на AliExpress1

Скидки до 50% в интернет-магазине Huawei на AliExpress2

More interesting offers can be found on the promotions page. The seller guarantees fast delivery and gives a formal guarantee on all products.

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Google may stop updating older smartphones Huawei. The vendor had expired

Google может перестать обновлять старые смартфоны Huawei. У вендора закончилась лицензия

Thursday, August 13, expired temporary license by the U.S. government on the interaction of American companies with Huawei and its subsidiaries. Now Google will not be able to send updates for their services on the smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer.

We will remind, in may 2019, the U.S. government has made Huawei in the «black list»: the government decided that the company violates the national security of the country. For the transition American companies and municipalities with equipment Huawei equivalents authorities have issued the last license, making a temporary exception for trade with Chinese manufacturers.

These exceptions were used by Google to update their services on the Huawei smartphones that were released through may of 2019. More modern devices come without Google Mobile Services (GMS).

Most likely, the end of the term of the license will not remove Google services from the current Huawei devices and smartphone owners can freely use, writes XDA Developers. But every update from Huawei should be certified by Google to work with GMS: in this case, no license can prevent this process.

Also delayed the release of patches Android security: despite the fact that Google sends them to the manufacturers in advance, and later «patches» post in the open access, where Huawei can borrow without cooperation with the American Corporation.

A Huawei representative told The Washington Post that the company «monitors the situation and assesses the potential consequences,» the press service of Google, declined to comment.

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Facebook combines Instagram and Messenger chats

Facebook объединяет чаты Instagram и Messenger

Gradually integrates Facebook chat Instagram and Messenger. The editors at The Verge noticed that the Instagram app for iOS and Android update screen — it reports about the new features.

Users receive a «new way of messaging», «new colorful look for chats» more emoticons-reactions, the function of swipe to answer and «chat with friends who use Facebook».

If you click the «Refresh» button, the usual DM icon in the upper right corner of the Instagram logo will be replaced by Facebook Messenger and the chat rooms have become more colorful messages of the sender are changed from blue to purple when scrolling. However, at the time of writing news it is impossible to send messages to users Facebook from Instagram.

Facebook объединяет чаты Instagram и Messenger1

Facebook объединяет чаты Instagram и Messenger2

Earlier, Facebook announced plans to unify its services for messaging in the future this will allow users to Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp to communicate with each other. Mark Zuckerberg said that the joint system must obtain end-to-end encryption to protect user data.

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Leaked: features of the flagship Huawei Mate Mate 40 and 40 Pro

Утечка: характеристики флагманов Huawei Mate 40 и Mate 40 Pro

Insider Teme, known for reliable leaks for Huawei devices, has posted on Twitter features and the price of the flagship smartphone Huawei Mate and Mate 40 40 Pro.

Mate 40 Pro, which goes under the code name Noah, will be equipped with a proprietary 5-nanometer chip Kirin 9000. The new product will offer a screen with curved edges and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The main camera will be equipped with the sensors 50 and 80 MP, as well as periscope module and the 3D ToF camera.

Huawei Mate 40, also known as the Ocean, will receive a 90 Hz display with a diagonal of 6.67 inches. The main block of the chambers will consist of sensors 50, 20 and 8 MP. Frontally both models have dual support 3D Face ID. Battery capacity – 4300, 4600 and 5000 mAh.

The line Mate 40 it is expected three of the smartphone, most likely another model will get the name of Mate 40 Pro+. The premiere of the phone in September 2020. According to the source, the cost of Mate 40 Pro is 865, and 935 1065 dollars for models with 128, 256 and 512 GB flash memory.

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